About the challenge

Welcome to the Cosmonic Distributed WebAssembly Hackathon! Cosmonic's mission is to bring joy to distributed computing and get you from an idea to running an application across any cloud, edge, or scale in minutes. Cosmonic is a fully-hosted WebAssembly platform built on the CNCF application runtime wasmCloud, designed for simplicity and a seamless developer experience.

This hackathon is open-ended, and we welcome all application domains for submissions. We want you to take your idea, whether it's something that would improve your daily work, replace functionality in an existing application, or the beginnings of a potential startup - implement it using WebAssembly and host it on Cosmonic.

Get started 

Take a look at the tasks on the right. Join our Discord and the #cosmonic-hackathon channel, sign up for a Cosmonic developer account, download our cosmo command line tool, and browse through the documentation. Once you get your welcome email (which should be within 24 hours of signing up) you can run through our quickstart to build your first WebAssembly application in less than a minute.

After the quickstart, you're ready to start creating your own custom application. We offer a wide variety of capabilities on the platform that act as building blocks for your application:

  • Blobstore (Filesystem, AWS S3)
  • HTTP Server
  • HTTP Client
  • Key-Value Store (Cosmonic hosted, Redis)
  • Messaging (NATS, Kafka)
  • SQL Store (Postgres)

All of these capabilities are implemented for you, and your code will simply be coded in terms of capability contracts. That means you get to get right to implementing your idea without the hassle of setting up boilerplate non-functional requirements. Check out the above documentation on capabilities for some code examples to get started.


What to Build

Using the Cosmonic platform and our included capabilities, imagine, create, and deploy your wildest ideas! The Cosmonic platform itself is an event-sourced system built with WebAssembly and distributed across different cloud environments. Some patterns that we've seen work well with wasmCloud are:

  • Serverless-style FaaS handlers that perform image transforms, downloads, resizes, etc
  • Stateful applications that store data in key-value stores or SQL databases
  • Static front-end applications (refer to the Petclinic UI example)
  • Chatbots for Slack/Discord/Twitter
  • Back-end game engines

To give you a few real-world examples, here are some case studies:

What to Submit 

A complete submission consists of:

  • A video of you explaining and demoing your project
  • A URL to your public source code (GitHub, GitLab, etc.)
  • A URL pointing to your live application hosted on Cosmonic
  • (Optional) Your feedback on this form to be eligible for the best feedback prize

Hackathon Sponsors


$4,500 in prizes

Champion ($2500)

The champion is our largest prize and also includes a blog post on the Cosmonic site featuring the submission and a virtual meeting with Cosmonic leadership.

Runner-up ($1000)

This prize will be presented to our close runner-up submission for best project; this will also be included in our hackathon blog post

Honorable Mention ($500)

This prize will go to unique and innovative projects that closely follow the champion and runner-up that we feel deserve a mention

Most Valuable Feedback ($50) (10)

As a developer project, we want your feedback! Users that give great actionable constructive feedback for Cosmonic or wasmCloud with the survey at the end of the hackathon will be eligible for this prize.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Brooks Townsend

Brooks Townsend
Engineer @ Cosmonic

Bailey Hayes

Bailey Hayes
Director @ Cosmonic

Qualified Panel of Cosmonic Engineers

Qualified Panel of Cosmonic Engineers

Judging Criteria

  • Tech Implementation
    Does the interaction with Cosmonic, wasmCloud, and WebAssembly demonstrate quality software development?
  • Design
    Is the user experience and design of the project well thought out?
  • Potential Impact
    How big of an impact could the project have on the Cosmonic community?
  • Quality of the Idea
    How creative and unique is the project?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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